Let us tell you a little secret:


“There is nothing you know that market

doesn’t already know!”




There are more than hundreds of thousands of assets across the globe and there are always a group of people who invest and investigate on each of those assets for decades. They invest for long-term and they collected every piece of information about the specific asset for very long time.  Therefore:




“There is nothing ever cheap or expensive. 

The market is efficient all the time. 

Whoever tells you the opposite, has 

conflict of interest with you.” 


As a human or group of human, all you can do is investigate lifetime on limited assets and make your financial decisions on those assets but this is not finance! While you are investigating limited asset classes, you will miss real opportunities! When you do the opposite and try to catch opportunities without fully investigate the assets because of the conflict of interest you have with the rest of the world, you will lose money or time. You have a gigantic conflict of interest with sellers and buyers. Therefore you are constantly poising by media. When something is on newspaper, television, radio or social media, it is already priced in.  When you are reading something is cheap, it is written by sellers or people who work for sellers. Vice versa, when you are reading something is expensive, it is written by buyers or people who work for buyers.  People who try to catch opportunities almost always miss positions over that assets for a very long time and they lose money or at least they waste time. When you lose time, you should remember the old saying:


“Time is Money!”


Human life is limited and nobody can afford wasting time on assets. More dangerously you can lose money because:


“The Market can stay irrational 

longer than you can stay solvent!”


Based on all the facts above our conclusion is:


“Humans can’t trade, they can only be




Nur Finance Software has developed an algorithmic trading engine (NFS 1.0) which uses several complex mathematical analysis and various statistical models in calculating all possible American stocks and detects the best trading opportunities. The software eliminates all human interactions and emotions from the trading process.